18 October 2010

Resting is hard

Sleeping for hours and hours and then doing nothing but waiting for the rain to stop... I realized I can get really tired from all that resting, eating bad food and thinking about all the places I'd rather be than home. Those days can be hard. But enough of whining!!! The rain stopped, things are drying off, the skin grew back and the muscles are fresh. Go out and play!

I'm planning to spend some more days bouldering close to my home and then the one week holidays are almost here! Wiiii :) After I come back from a short trip to Osp where I'm taking the kids that I'm coaching, I hope the weather will be good to spend a few days in Swiss or Maltatal.

Here is the video (the uncut version) of me climbing Walking in the desert, a beautiful 7B problem in Chironico.

I visited Ticino in march and it's been almost 2 months since my last trip so I think it's time to spend a few days away from home. I wouldn't mind taking a walk in the desert :)

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