20 May 2011



My report about the World Cup in Log and what else was going on since I came back from The States on MOONBLOG!

9 May 2011

World Cup - Log

This weekend we had a great home competition. For the first time Slovenia hosted a bouldering World Cup and the organizers did a great job.

Fighting in my last problem in the finals (photo: Maja Vidmar)

It's been almost a year since my last World Cup competition. So I didn't know what to expect and that was really good because I had no pressure and I just wanted to climb my best.

I guess it was my lucky day yesterday. The route setters made interesting, really hard but possible boulder problems. I climbed good in the semi-finals and just made it to the top 6 girls that competed in the evening finals. Natalija also made it which was good for our team success.

Climbing in the finals, with that nothing-to-lose feeling and with the crazy crowd cheering for you was super cool. The problems were really hard. I had to fight the whole time just to get to the bonus hold.

First problem in the finals: How to get around this slippery edge?! (photo: Maja Vidmar)

At the end no tops for me and 4th place. I just missed the podium where Anna Stoehr took the first place, Akiyo Noguchi was 2nd and Alex Puccio 3rd. I'm really happy with my 4th place. I did my best and I enjoyed it so much!.

The podium (photo: Maja Vidmar)
Since I came back from The States I kind of focused on this competition. I climbed a lot outside but I also trained indoor with the whole team. And I think that the balance that I found between training and rock climbing was perfect for me.

Like I said, the competition was great but now I want to go back to Magic Wood as soon as possible :)

5 May 2011

Magic Wooooooood

From Strongfinger productions:

Short but magic holidays with G, Boško, other Slovenians, Americans, Swiss,...many cool and strong people to climb with! The conditions were perfect but I didn't send anything hard this time, couldn't really focus on one thing. I just wanted to climb as much as possible. There's too many good problems for such a short trip.

Next time I have to do Du côté de Seshuan. I kept falling on the last move, jumping for the jug. Arrrrgggghhh :) 
G&I, we were also trying Octopussy and it went pretty good. I almost sticked the sloper a few times...it's a big move, but I think I could do it one day. Seeing Alex Puccio in Jack's broken heart was impressive. Boško also did it the next day. Very cool problem!

Octopussy...almost there :)

G trying Unendliche Geschichte 2
We'll be back soon...