31 January 2013

More from Podrta gora...

Sometimes we're a bit obsessed with conditions. There's not many days in the year when it's impossible to  complain. Some days are just perfect. Like last Sunday on Podrta gora with Gašper, Šeli & Kete. The air was cold & dry. We got to climb in the shade & rest on the sun. We had a beautiful view & the psyche was high & there were FA's & old projects done & some drama & we'll be back for some more...soon!

Fresh crimpy stuff:
- Man with the Iron Fish 7A (FA: Gašper),
- Man with the Iron Fist 7B (FA: Šeli), the right version.

20 January 2013

Vitovlje - Neverland

Winter time...

Krvoses 1
Krvoses 2

3 January 2013

First day of 2013 - Podrta gora

Roxy & Gašper posing on Volcano Sideways

Many faces of B.I.G ....

Tina on Volcano Sideways
Climbing or sleeping? Can't decide...