23 April 2012

World Cup Log

A collage from my climbing in qualification round and semi finals. No finals for me this year :(

Congratulations to Mina and her victory!!! She really crushed it yesterday!
The competition we were all waiting for is over. I wrote about it on MOONBLOG.

14 April 2012

The Cave

Gorza collage by G

12 April 2012

Easter in Maltatal

Finally no rain and a day off! Like every Easter for the last few years, we went to Maltatal. I just got new shiny Scarpa shoes to test and the weather was perfect. But I didn't feel great. Maybe I ate too much potica cake the day before :) So there was no real action from my side. Anyway, it was a beautiful day worth spending in a beautiful nature. And now the rain strikes again...come on!!! :(

B E A U T I F U L (photo: G)

Shiny and sticky (photo: G)

My piece of art :)

4 April 2012

Scarpa Team Slovenia on FB

HERE is the new FB page from Scarpa Team Slovenia. You'll find all about the team, the products and more....check it out!

Missing all the places

Lately, I spent most of the time training indoor for the competition in Log. To be honest, I can't wait it'll happen. Sure, I'm excited about competing, but most of all, I really miss bouldering outside. All the problems and little local spots, I kind of got tired before, seem incredibly appealing in this moment. And the idea of going on a trip, sounds even better. Can't wait to go out again...

This song perfectly discribes what would be the best thing to do. Leave on the next plane with no plan coming back. Gašper is playing it all the time and he ''infected'' all of us :)