27 March 2011

Back home

I had a nice weekend back home. On a sunny Friday I went to Osp with Maja and Roxy. I don't remember when was the last time we did something like that together. And yesterday we were on Podrta Gora. It turns out that Slovenia has some lines that look really impressive even after climbing in world class places like Hueco and Bishop.

Sport climbing after a long long time

Come on Roxy, let's take a picture

Method man 7A, Podrta gora
Cleaning B.I.G 7B+, Podrta gora

23 March 2011

Last day in Bishop

This is the video from our last day in Bishop. We both sent our little projects and that made it easier to leave the place. Now we're back home. It's kind of a weird feeling after two months on the road. I miss everything already!

4 March 2011

A rodeo to Bishop

Many things happened last week. Winning the Rock Rodeo was fun, leaving Hueco without sending El Techo, not so much. I'm very happy with the way our trip went so far but saying goodbye to Hueco left a bittersweet taste in my mouth. I'll have to come back!

Every year many climbers come to Hueco just for the Rodeo. This year was no exception. Daniel Woods won the male mutant category and I did the female. It's too bad that more strong girls didn't show up to make the competition tougher. Still, I had a cool but hard climbing day on North Mountain. I tried to repeat the problems I did before and at the end I was so tired that I had to fight hard for a V5 to finish the day. But it was worth it!!! Here is the list of the problems I did:

- Adjust your attitude V8
- The stegasaur V8
- The roughage V7
- No wonder V7
- Daily dick dose V7
- Lobster claw V5


El Techo - such a good climb! Not really my style with the powerful moves, but there's also weird body positions that you have to figure out. Trying hard in that roof makes you wanna eat steaks for dinner every day! I was getting close but then everything went down and we had to leave Hueco. But I guess it's cool to have a good reason to come back!

Now we're in Bishop. Those granite blocs look amazing but our fingertips are complaining, it's shaaaaaarp!!! After 5 weeks of Hueco most of the climbs seem very technical, but the change feels good and the psyche is back on!