11 October 2010

Beautiful fall

The fall brought us beautiful colors and good conditions. So we drove to Maltatal again, just me and G this time, listening to The Strokes (they are pretty cool) and thinking about our projects on the way.

It seems like everything's in the right place at the moment. I haven't felt that strong and psyched for a while, which feels really great. On Saturday, I had another good session working on Petting with an alligator. I hope the pieces will slowly start to come together.

Working on the moves
(photo: Gašper Bratina)

While we were waiting for the sun to go over the hill and the rock to cool down, we did some cool easier problems which have no name. I think that's too bad.

G in a nice little tricky thing (7B) behind Alligator
(photo: Katja Vidmar)

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  1. It turns out the nice little tricky thing ha a name: Don't touch me 7B+