28 October 2010

School holidays

The kids that I'm coaching usually spend all the time training indoor in a small gym. So I decided to take them on a short trip to Osp for their school holidays. We had some bad weather, but rain and cold didn't stop us from climbing all 3 days. This time my biggest project wasn't a boulder problem or a route but to drive a huge van full of kids through very narrow streets in Osp and to cook something that everybody likes for dinner :).

Climbing hard, playing games, making pasta and pancakes, watching climbing movies, joking around all day... and they were still having a hard time falling asleep in the late evening! The trip was a great success. We had a lot of fun and everybody climbed their hardest routes ever (from 6b to 8b!).

Our last day in Mišja peč. The girls (Zala, Nika and Nataša) happy that the sun finally came out, are waiting for the guys, warming up in the back (Timo belaying, Domen and Milan climbing).

        Luka and Blaž with his lucky socks :) 

They should spend more days climbing outside. There's no better way to learn how to move on the rock and to realize that climbing is much more than winning competitions!

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