8 August 2011


At the moment I'm not doing anything serious but climbing. Life is good this way. Wake up in the morning, take it easy and then go climbing. We also started with some yoga exercise and it's really good. After only three sessions the difference is amazing. I don't remember the last time I was this flexible. Sometimes the positions in yoga are strange and hard like in bouldering. And with training it gets less uncomfortable and everything looks effortless and smooth. And that's how I want my climbing to feel like.

Anyway, in the afternoon it's time to go climbing. Usually, we go bouldering to one of the small local spots around here. Right now I'm not focusing on any projects I just want to climb as many different things as possible. New boulders, boulders that I already did, hard ones, easy ones, everything, even routes. Sometimes easy boulders seem pretty hard in this tropic weather (+30° and 85% humidity). But this is all training and preparing for the fall, when conditions will be good and we'll go crush some hard stuff. Here are some photos from climbing around our beautiful valley:

Beautiful 6C on Kovk

New line in Črnotiče: Leo Martin 7C+ (G working the moves, Šeli made the FA later)

Roxy climbing with us on Col

Trnovo: Šeli & Vrabec  
Grilc & the legendary sloper on Vitovlje

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