27 July 2011


It's been almost two weeks since I moved from my sister's apartment in Škofja Loka to our new house in Vrhpolje with my new roommates and 8HOUSE members: G and Šeli. And even though the famous gym Poden is pretty far now, I think I'll be fine here :)

It's a perfect place to live if you're a climber in Slovenia. Vipavska Bela is just up the hill offering some nice sport climbing. I guess I'll use my harness more often now. All the local bouldering places are a few minutes drive away and when it's raining we have a new gym in Šempeter. Even Swiss boulders are an hour closer than they were before!

I had a summer break from climbing for a few weeks. It was really hot and I didn't rest for a year so I thought it was a smart thing to do. And now I feel fresh and psyched for climbng again! Here are some recent random pictures. More to come....from 8HOUSE!

Reachy move on Orlovca (photo: Gašper Bratina)

Krk in the morning sun (photo: Gašper Bratina)

Not my catch. Miha did all the hard work, I'm just posing (photo: Gašper Bratina)

Climbing in Zminec (photo: Katja)

Awesome problem in Dovžanova soteska, Mininova 6C (photo: Gašper Bratina)

Roxy and her big eyes (photo: Katja)

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