26 April 2011

Easter in Maltatal

On Friday before the holidays confusing weather forecasts finally brought us to the decision to spend Easter in Maltatal. First time this year back to my project Petting with an alligator. I was pretty nerveus to try it again. But it went suprisingly well and now it's time to stop just trying and send it! I hope the conditions will stay good enough, because I don't know if I could wait 'till fall.

I usually go to Maltatal just for a day to try my project. But this time we climbed everything. Easy stuff for everybody, new problems, old ones we've tried before...everything!

Here are some pictures...

Outside 7C (photo: Marko Bratina)

G and some slopers (photo: Marko Bratina)

Workin on my project (photo: Marko Bratina)

Petting with an alligator (photo: Marko Bratina)
...and a video from Ouside. Like all the photos, from Marko Bratina (Pussyfinger productions):

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