8 December 2010

Plezalni dnevi Kranja

About 10 days ago we had a national competition in Kranj - PDK. I decided to go, just for fun. I didn't compete or train for comps for a while so my mind wasn't 100% there. For the last six months I really enjoyed climbing outside and I was thinking how important used to be for me to win a competition. Sometimes my world collapsed for a short time after a bad performance. And now when I look back I know it's not about the 1st or 2nd or last place. What stays is all the memories, the ups and downs the funny and sometimes stupid things that happened on the way.

Knowing that I went to the national comp last week. I came to the isolation zone, started the warming up and I felt the same old weird feeling in my stomach telling me that the competition is a serious and important thing. Funny, I thought. Even though I didn't really care about this comp my body responded as it was the finals of the world championship. My heart was beating, my hands were sweating, the stomach felt weird and when I was out to perform I felt the adrenalin rushing...

At the end I had a good time, I was happy with the way I was climbing and the second place was cool as well. For the next time I just have to figure out how to trick my body into having fun too! :)

All the pictures are from the Sunday evening finals taken by Maja with An┼że's camera.

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