27 September 2010

Season 2010 so far...

This year everything changed. I moved from plastic to rock and stopped traveling from one competition to another. Instead I packed my bags and visited some of the best bouldering spots. I decided it was time to rock some blocs!!!

Here are some pics:

 Sunset in Hueco Tanks 
(photo: David Stepanjan)

 Confessions of a crap artist in Chironico 
(photo: Luka Fonda)

 Xeni Styler in Maltatal 
(photo: Tomaž Bradeško)

 Team Slovenia in Fontainebleau 
(photo: Suzana Uršič)

Beautiful setting in Mt. Evans Colorado
(photo: Klemen Bečan)

G in our project - Astronautenfieber, Magic Wood (photo: Suzana Uršič)

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