15 February 2012

Something different

Somehow we survived the freeznig cold. The temperatures are back to normal and we can finally climb outside without being scared to get blown away by the wind.

In the mean time I've been training with Slovenia climbing team and I must say I really enjoy some indoor action with Mina, Maja and other strong slovenian climbers.
It's time to get strong!

Photo: Sloveina climbing team

A week ago, I did something totally differnet and new. Perfoming on a stage of the big Gallus hall for Slovenian cultural Day. Not climbing!!! It was a great experience for me. Thanks to Branko Potočan and his crew  I did something I've never thought I would. The director of the event was Matjaž Pograjc and you can watch the whole thing here. Some pictures I found on the internet:

Šeli and Dana

In the air... I'm the one on the left.

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