5 December 2011

PDK - national comp

I decided to compete on the last competition of this season in Kranj. The weather sucked so there was nothing to do outside and I thought it could be fun. All the strong slovenian girls were there and that made it challenging. It's been like 6 months since my last comp and everybody was like: hey, you came to compete or what? The problems in the finals were long and pumpy on this huge overhang wall. So it was not the question of power but more endurance thing. Doesn't matter. I was happy with my 3rd place after Mina and Maja who are crushing the lead world cup scene and are also strong in bouldering. It was also nice to see everyone. But now I have enough of comps for a while again and I wanna go out. It's just this rain that has to stop!
You can see some photos from the finals here.

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