4 October 2011

Črnotiče sessions

Lately, we ended up going to Črnotiče quite a few times. The cave became some kind of a training gym for us. Everybody has some projects and there are endless possibilities for linking the problems together.

I did Leo Martin 7C, a little roof in the middle of the cave. Here below is a video from Šeli's FA. When I did it the battery just died and didn't film the end. Bummer!

Črnotiče sessions from 8house production on Vimeo.

I also did some FA links for training:
-Route 66, 7A+ (starting on the jug from Gnojna bula and going all the way to the left finishing in Časovni stroj)
-Bloody cheater 7B (like Bloody flapper but going to the left and also finishing in Časovni stroj) This one was originally G's idea and he also found a new knee bar beta for the start. Very cool moves and pumpy at the end.

Other vise, I spent most of the time climbing stand start from Intensive (Boško's problem, also in the video) and I always fell on the last move. I even got to hold the last jug once but didn't manage to finish with the other hand. Now it all got pretty mental. I don't wanna keep on falling there, it makes me crazy!

Now we're going to Font in a few days!!! Can't wait!!! Two weeks of worlds best bouldering. When I come back Intensive should be easy :) Here are some pictures (not very good ones) from the night session a week or two ago. Try to guess who's the climber on the photo?

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