16 June 2011

Summer is here

I didn't write anything for a while now. It's summer and it's hot, not a good time for bouldering at the moment, so everything is pretty calm and there's no real action.

So I was thinking that some sport climbing wouldn't hurt. And I went to try it a few times. It was really hard at first and then it was getting fun and it was cool to do something else. I still couldn't climb anything harder than 7c and longer than 15 meters which is really bad so I think I should do it more! It's not so cool falling on the last moves before the jug or even falling from the jugs... too much bouldering and just bouldering... not good!

So this was a nice shock for my body and my forearms. Lately, I'm also studying for my exams, one more think that I haven't been doing for a while now and I really should. And to turn everthing upside down I even went jogging the other day :) ?!

All this is quite a strange behavior for me so this week we went bouldering again to rebalance everything :) Ahhhh it was soooo gooood!!! We drove all the way to eastern part of the country for the weekend to visit our friend Bric. He showed us some fine granite blocs. Good hard bouldering! And yesterday we visited Col and I did Dead man in a few tries. A nice pretty high 7C arete with really small holds in the beginning and then it climbs up beautifully. I loved it and it was nice to send something after a long time.

Here are some photos:

Macola 7C, Ožbalt, no realization...have to come back! (photo: Gašper Bratina)

Dead Man 7C, Col, good limestone bouldering! (photo: Gašper Bratina)

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