11 April 2011

Robanov kot & Dovžanova soteska

Training hard on plastic lately made last two days in rock really special. Last Thursday I joined Slovenia climbing team in Robanov kot. Small spot with some good lines in eastern part of our little country where I don't go very often. But this time we all came and Kruder who is a local there showed us around.

Slovenia climbing team (photo: Roman Krajnik)

Samurai Jack 7B+, Robanov kot (photo: Roman Krajnik)

Yesterday I went to Dovžanova soteska with G, where David Stepanjan found new blocs in the river channel. Very cool and unique slopy problems. Here are some pictures:

G in Black Ball 7B+, Dovžanova soteska (hard one!!!)

Unikat 6A, Dovžanova soteska (photo: Gašper Bratina)

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  1. It is beautiful. I don't speak english very well, but I would say that someday hope to go to Slovenia and visit if or if Robanov kot :D
    I send my regards from Argentina. Kisses :*