21 February 2011

Flower Power

East Spur, Feb. 19, Cleaning day in Hueco.

Every year, a week before the Rock Rodeo there's a cleaning day in Hueco. We signed up for cleaning holds and picking up trash in the park for half of a day. The other half was climbing and free burritos and beer in the evening.

The plan was to clean the problems we wanted to do later and that's how I did Flower Power. We were there a few days ago, but it was a really hot day and it felt more like V11 than V10, but I found my cool beta, so I knew exactly what to do yesterday and did it first try!

It's been some time since I've sent something hard. I've been working on my projects El Techo and Barefoot, but I'm not 100% sure if I can do any of those in a week and in such hot weather. One day it feels so close and the other too far. I don't really know. That's why it was so cool to climb the Flower Power roof yesterday! Maybe I'm back in the sending mood now :)
Here is the video:

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