5 January 2011

Packing bags...

...for a trip to the States! In a week I'll be flying over the Atlantic to San Francisco CA!
Me and G, two crash pads, one big car, 68 days, from California to Texas...and endless number of amazing boulders...sweeeeet :)

We're planning to visit some new places we haven't been before. That's why we're flying to California where we'll first go to Joshua Tree for a few days and then drive to Texas.

Back to Hueco where we have some unfinished business to do! After spending one month there last January I said to myself, I really had to go back one day! I had a finger injury back then and I was just getting stronger when it was time to leave. So I left Hueco thinking about the problems I wanted to do like Loaded with power, Dark Age, Pourple Flowers,...

When it'll get hot in Hueco we'll go to Bishop. A new place to explore and new projects to find. Can't wait!!!

I'll keep you posted... but 'till then here's a bit taste of a desert: from Strongfinger Productions - our last trip to Hueco Tanks:

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